Well its Thanksgiving 2002, 21 months since I last updated this page. I sometimes envy all those people who can write paragraphs about anything and nothing at the drop of the hat. The current 'blogger' phenomenon is perfect for people like that. Obviously I'm not one of those people or this text would be updated more frequently.

Well since Feb 2001, we have moved to Park Slope in Brooklyn as expected. We're already on our second year and will probably stay atleast another year.

The job I had just started has gotten very interesting. We were essentially sold to Charming Shoppes, owner of clothing store chains Catherine's, Fashion Bug and relatively recently Lane Bryant. Now we are the Internet arm of Charming Shoppes. We have already created an e-commerce site for Catherines and a marketing site for Fashion Bug. We are now embarking on creating an ecommerce site for Lane Bryant. Now instead of maintaining the web site of small ecommerce site I have the responsibility for three major sites for a major plus size womens retailer.

One of my latest acquistions is a Fuji FinePix S602Z digital camera. This now allows me to take available light pictures at concerts. Click here to see the results.

Last updated 01/18/2002