2003 is well on its way. Christmas was celebrated quietly with family and close friends. New Years even quieter at home after seeing 'The Gangs of New York' earlier in the day.

New York City is having a real winter. The high is only 18 today. We've had multiple snow storms. The current weather makes me remember 'cold' Texas winters with lows in the 40s. But nostalgia for warm winters only goes so far. I'd much rather be in New York then Austin, cold weather and all.

The next few months look to be very hectic at work. We are in the final stretch of setting up an ecommerce site for our Lane Bryant retail chain. The site should be operational at the beginning of March. By itself that would be enough to keep us busy but there are other projects that continue in parallel thus stretching everyone to their limit (and sometimes beyond).

I have ventured into creating a fan web site for one of my favorite singers, Madeleine Peyroux. It looks like the site may morph into the official site for Madeleine. This would be quite a thrill to be the webmaster for this talented lady's site. Standby for future news.

As reported on the last update, I finally got a digital camera that gives me many of the capabilities of a 35mm SLR. I have been busy taking pictures, primarily at concerts. Check out the results here. This camera is giving just what I want. Check out the camera link to get more details on this camera.

The other relatively new gadget is the Panasonic DMR-E30 DVD recorder. I am using this primarily as a VCR replacement, dumping programs from the TiVo to DVDs. I'm also in the process of converting old VCR tapes to DVD. Although the results (from VCR tape) are no better then the original tape its so nice to have the smaller form factor and longer life (hopefully).

That's it for now.

Last updated 07/05/2003