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My name is Rich Hanson.  I've been working in the computer field for about 30 years now.  I managed to stay with the latest technologies rather then getting stuck being a COBOL programmer.  Just started working for a small dot com, alight.com, a plus sized women's ecommerce site as Director of Site Operations. This once again allows me to move into the newer technologies and keep my skills up-to-date.

I try to keep of with the latest technologies by experimenting at home.  Currently working with Java, JavaScript, XML etc.  As I delve into these subjects, I may try some of these things out on these pages.

Besides technology I'm a big fan of folk / accoustic / singer-songwriter / celtic music.  I enjoy going to the small intimate clubs where this music is generally performed.  See my music page (future) for my favorite artists.

I also enjoy reading science fiction / fantasy.  See my books page my favorite authors and books.


Last updated 5/23/2009