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My name is Rich Hanson.  I've been working in the computer field since 1967.  I've tried to stay current with the latest technologies rather then getting stuck being a COBOL programmer.  I now work for the Internet / eCommerce division of a retail womens apparel retailer, Charming Shoppes as Director of Site Operations. I managed to start with a dying small dot com, alight.com just before they were bought by Charming. This has allowed me to move into the newer technologies and keep my skills up-to-date. Although keeping up with the every proliferating technologies and standards is becoming more an more difficult.

I try to keep up with the latest technologies by experimenting at home.  Currently working with with C#, ASP and MS SQL Server. I'm looking towards starting to work on Linux again but there is only so much time for technology if you want to also do other things in life.

I have tried some of these things out on my various web sites, particularly the photo gallery on this site and the Madeleine Peyroux website.

Besides technology I'm a big fan of folk / accoustic / singer-songwriter / celtic music.  I enjoy going to the small intimate clubs where this music is generally performed.  See my music page (future) for my favorite artists. You can also see pictures from some of these concerts at my Photo Gallery.

And I manage to squeeze out some reading time for science fiction / fantasy.  See my books page my favorite authors and books.




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